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BACK — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.ar.CameraPosition
The SDK will try to start the back-facing camera, if the back-facing camera is not available the SDK will use the first available camera.
BACK_CLICKED — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.webView.RichWebViewEvent
On Android, this event will be dispatched when device's back button is hit.
backForwardList — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.android.WebView
backForwardList — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.ios.WebView
BACK_PRESSED — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.android.WebViewEvents
Badge — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.badge
The Badge ANE will allow you read and write the badge number for your iOS apps.
banner — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.admob.AdMobApi
Access to the Admob Banner Ads API
BANNER — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.admob.ApiBannerAds
Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) banner ad size (320x50 density-independent pixels).
Barcode — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.barcode
Barcode Extension uses zxing library, http://code.google.com/p/zxing/wiki/LicenseQuestions on Android and native AVMetadataObjectType for the iOS side, to open your mobile camera and scan for any barcode.
Barcode() — Constructor, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.barcode.Barcode
Initialize the barcode scanner extension
BarcodeDetector — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.mlkit
BarcodeDetectorOptions — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.mlkit
BarcodeDetectorOptions() — Constructor, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.mlkit.BarcodeDetectorOptions
BarcodeEvent — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.barcode
BarcodeEvent(type:String, data:any, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.barcode.BarcodeEvent
barcodeFormats — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.mlkit.BarcodeDetectorOptions
BarcodeSetting — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.rongta
Barcode Setting to be passed to the getBarcodeCmd method of Cmd class.
BarcodeSetting() — Constructor, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.rongta.BarcodeSetting
initialize an instance of this class
barcodeStringPosition — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.rongta.BarcodeSetting
barColor — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.ios.EmbeddedBrowserSettings
The preferred color to tint the background of the navigation bar and toolbar.
barColor — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.webView.IosSettings
The color to tint the background of the navigation bar and the toolbar.
BAR_STYLE_DEFAULT — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.statusbar.Statusbar
BAR_STYLE_LIGHT — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.statusbar.Statusbar
baseUrl — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.HtmlDataSettings
The URL to use as the page's base URL.
baseUrl — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.webView.HtmlDataSettings
the URL to use as the page's base URL.
batch() — Static Method , class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.firestore.Firestore
Creates a write batch, used for performing multiple writes as a single atomic operation.
BATCH_FAILURE — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.firestore.FirestoreEvents
BATCH_SUCCESS — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.firestore.FirestoreEvents
Battery — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.battery
batteryLevel — Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.battery.Battery
BatteryState — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.battery
bearing — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.gps.Location
BEGIN_CHECKOUT — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.analytics.AnalyticsEvent
E-Commerce Begin Checkout event.
BG_COLOR_HEX — Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.webView.RichWebViewSettings
Set a background color for your webview content in hex #AARRGGBB format.
Billing — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing
In-app-payments ANE is making the Android and iOS in-app-billing work flows similar to each other so AIR developers won't be confused.
BillingEvent — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing
BillingEvent(type:String, $msg:String, $status:int, $purchase:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing:Purchase) — Constructor, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing.BillingEvent
BillingResponse — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing
(Android) indicates the different responses about your in-app-billing state from the GooglePlay app.
billingType — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing.Purchase
After a successful payment operation, this value will be one of the following types, BillingType.PERMANENT, BillingType.CONSUMABLE or BillingType.AUTO_RENEWAL. NOTICE: This property value is NOT saved in the cache.
BillingType — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing
Indicates the supported in-app-payment types. FYI: If you are familiar with Google and Apple in-app-billing native APIs, you will know that Google has no consumable billing types at all.
BILLING_UNAVAILABLE — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.billing.BillingResponse
Billing API version is not supported for the type requested
BitmapSetting — class, package com.myflashlab.air.extensions.rongta
Bitmap Setting to be passed to the getBitmapCmd method of Cmd class.
BitmapSetting($bimtapLimitWidth:int, $bmpPrintMode:int) — Constructor, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.rongta.BitmapSetting
initialize an instance of this class
bitsPerSample — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.spotlight.AttributeSetImages
Number of bits per sample For example bit depth of an image (8-bit, 16-bit etc..) or bit depth per audio sample of uncompressed audio data (8, 16, 24, 32, 64, etc..)
BLACK — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.ios.ScrollViewIndicatorStyle
black only.
blockNetworkImage — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.android.WebSettings
Gets whether the WebView does not load image resources from the network.
blockNetworkLoads — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.android.WebSettings
Gets whether the WebView does not load any resources from the network.
bold — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.rongta.ESCTextSettings
Bold Setting
bounces — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.ios.ScrollView
if true, bounces past edge of content and back again.
BOUND — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.android.RenderPriority
_btnExit — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.googleVR.VRConfig
btnExit — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.googleVR.VRConfig
Indicates the location of the exit button which is drawn over the VR window
_btnExitAddress — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.googleVR.VRConfig
btnExitStr — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.ar.Config
This property is not recommended on production builds.
bucket — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.StorageMetadata
the owning Google Cloud Storage bucket for the StorageReference
bucket — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.StorageReference
Return the Google Cloud Storage bucket that holds this object.
BUCKET_NOT_FOUND — Constant Static Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.StorageExceptions
Reason: No bucket is configured for Firebase Storage
build($domain:String, $link:String, $androidParams:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks:AndroidParams, $iosParams:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks:IosParams, $socialMediaParams:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks:SocialMediaParams, $analyticsParams:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks:AnalyticsParams, $otherPlatformsParams:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks:OtherPlatformParams, $navigationParams:com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks:NavigationParams, $invitationId:String) — Static Method , class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.dynamicLinks.DynamicLinks
first create your URL Prefix from your Firebase Console: https://console.firebase.google.com/project/_/durablelinks/links/
builtInZoomControls — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.richWebView.android.WebSettings
Gets whether the zoom mechanisms built into WebView are being used.
bypassDnd — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.localNotifi.NotificationChannel
Sets whether or not notifications posted to this channel can interrupt the user in android.app.NotificationManager.Policy#INTERRUPTION_FILTER_PRIORITY mode.
bytes — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.StorageEvents
bytesTotal — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.FileDownloadTask
the total bytes
bytesTotal — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.UploadTask
the total bytes to upload
bytesTransferred — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.FileDownloadTask
the total bytes downloaded so far.
bytesTransferred — Property, class com.myflashlab.air.extensions.firebase.storage.UploadTask
the total bytes uploaded so far.
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