Billing In-app-payments ANE is making the Android and iOS in-app-billing work flows similar to each other so AIR developers won't be confused.
 BillingResponse (Android) indicates the different responses about your in-app-billing state from the GooglePlay app.
 BillingType Indicates the supported in-app-payment types. FYI: If you are familiar with Google and Apple in-app-billing native APIs, you will know that Google has no consumable billing types at all.
 ChildDirected (Android) Developers are able to specify whether you would like your app to be treated as child-directed for purposes of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
 FeatureType (Android) used with Billing.isFeatureSupported() method to check if the named featureType is supported or not.
 Product Data object containing online products which are available for purchase.
 ProrationMode (Android) available proration modes when using replaceSubscription method.
 Purchase The Purchase class holds information about payments.
 UnderAgeOfConsent (Android) Developers are able to specify whether to mark your ad requests to receive treatment for users in the European Economic Area (EEA) under the age of consent.