Classpublic class BillingType
InheritanceBillingType Inheritance Object

Indicates the supported in-app-payment types.

FYI: If you are familiar with Google and Apple in-app-billing native APIs, you will know that Google has no consumable billing types at all. But to reflect that type of billing, Google will let you consume an already permanent purchase. On the other hand, Apple has an explicit type called consumable in the iTunes Connect console. So, in this ANE, to be able to make the AS3 API identical on both sides, we decided to introduce the following payment types and as you can see, we also have a consumable type support on Android! how we do it? well, the ANE consumes the payment on your behalf and the result is an identical AS3 API :) cool, right?

Public Constants
 ConstantDefined By
  AUTO_RENEWAL : int = 2
  CONSUMABLE : int = 1
  PERMANENT : int = 0
Constant Detail
public static const AUTO_RENEWAL:int = 2

public static const CONSUMABLE:int = 1

public static const PERMANENT:int = 0