AudiovisualMediaTypes The types of audiovisual media which will require a user gesture to begin playing.
 Cookies shared instance which manages the shared cookie store.
 DataDetectorType The type of data detected in the page.
 EmbeddedBrowser Entry point for using the iOS SFSafariViewController API.
 EmbeddedBrowserSettings Optional configuration for the SFSafariViewController window.
 Ios This class is the entry point for accessing the WKWebView API on iOS.
 NSHTTPCookieAcceptPolicy Values for the different cookie accept policies
 Preferences Encapsulates the preference settings for a web view.
 ScrollView Encapsulates the scroller settings for a web view.
 ScrollViewIndicatorStyle Scrollview indicator style.
 ScrollViewKeyboardDismissMode Keyboard dismiss mode.
 WebSettings Webview settings which can be set only before it is being added to the view using the _webviewInstance.addView method.
 WebsiteDataStore A WebsiteDataStore represents various types of data that a website might make use of.
 WebView An iOS WKWebView class which must be initialized from RichWebView.ios.getInstance.