Achievement An object that communicates with Game Center about the local player’s progress toward completing an achievement.
 AchievementDescription An object holding text and images used to describe an achievement for an app.
 Cache The ANE keeps a reference to different native instances in the life time of your app.
 Challenge An object representing a challenge issued by the local player to another player.
 GameCenter Create experiences that keep players coming back to your game.
 Leaderboard An object used to read data from a leaderboard stored on Game Center.
 LeaderboardSet An object that organizes leaderboards into logical and coherent groups.
 LocalPlayer An object representing the authenticated Game Center player on a device.
 Player An object that provides information about a player on Game Center.
 PlayerScope The scope of players to be searched for scores.
 SavedGame The saved game data.
 Score An object containing information for a score that was earned by the player.