AccessToken This class represents an immutable access token for using Facebook APIs.
 AppEvents The AppEvents class allows the developer to log various types of events back to Facebook.
 Auth Loging your users to your app is the most important task you may need when working with a facebook extension in your app This class will provide you everything you would need about logging in and out with letting you know about the permissions that the user has given to you and also this class will provide you with the token id of the current active session in your app.
 DefaultAudience Certain operations such as publishing a status or publishing a photo require an audience.
 Facebook The entry point for using the Facebook ANE.
 FlushBehavior Specifies the flush behavior for AppEvents to sends log events to the server.
 GameRequestContent Describes the content that will be displayed by the GameRequestDialog
 Games With Games class you can have access to the facebook Games API.
 Graph Access the Facebook Graph API with this class via Facebook.graph.
 LoggingBehavior Specifies different categories of logging messages that can be generated.
 LoginBehavior Specifies the behaviors to try during login.
 Permissions Here you will find all the facebook permissions you may ask your app users.
 Profile This class represents a basic Facebook profile.
 Share The Share class provides you to share tools available on Facebook ANE.
 ShareContent Provides the base class for content to be shared.
 ShareLinkContent Describes link content to be shared.